From concept to live! Hear from Games Product Owner, Zach Pisani

          Behind the scenes - the Making of Helios' Fury

From a good idea to the network delivery of a great game takes creativity, incredible project management, maths, artists, compliance, sales and marketing. Behind it all is a games product owner ensuring that vision comes to life and on time. It’s no small undertaking and our reputation is always paramount. Zach Pisani is the man behind the delivery of our latest release, a game that’s received overwhelming positive feedback, Helios’ Fury.

With praise coming from players and operators, he spoke to two player-focused sites about the making of Helios’ Fury, how it came together and provided more insight into how these games are made. Interested to read more? Please see the links below:

Ask Gamblers – Interview with Emilija Cvijanovic

Mvideoslots – Q&A

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